Ways of Caviar Serving

Perfect Caviar Serving

Caviar is known to almost everyone but this hors d’ oeuvre has a reputation for being a food for the gods.
This reputation may have been earned by this delicacy because of the rarity of the fish from which it is sourced.

The purest caviar is believed to be sourced from the eggs of the Sturgeon Beluga which is now facing extinction. The rarity of the Beluga Sturgeon has resulted to higher prices and high demand for caviar.

People have developed a taste for the American caviar that the United States can now rival the Russian producers in caviar production. While caviar eaters consider the Russian caviar from the Beluga Sturgeon as the pure caviar, the American caviar can now rival its predecessor in terms of taste.

The popularity of caviar as a hors d’ oeuvre during parties and hotel affairs is such that every party host should know how to serve it properly. Caviar is best served cool but not frozen. Thus, when refrigerating caviar, the host should remove it from the refrigerator at least 15 minutes before serving it. Remember to keep the cover of the caviar until the moment it is eaten.

Caviar Serving Tips

When serving caviar to guests, it is better to serve it in the tin can, with crushed ice surrounding the tin can. Care should be exercised in serving the caviar because the grains should not be broken. It is best eaten using a fork.

As hors d’ oeuvre, the caviar should be served with crackers or toasted bread with butter. The toasted bread should however be slightly toasted only and not hard on the palate.

Some hosts may think serving g the caviar with eggs or sour cream would make it taste better. This is a no, no because this will only change the taste of the caviar. However, these flavorings can be used when the caviar served is of lesser quality.

Aside from serving caviar with crackers, it is best eaten with champagne or vodka. However, others believe that champagne is too sweet with caviar so it is really up to your taste or preference. When eating caviar put the whole caviar grain in your mouth and let the flavor burst in your mouth. Once you have opened the container of caviar it is best to eat it immediately as it tends to spoil immediately.

Buying Caviar tips

To make sure that you serve only the best and purest caviar, you have to purchase the caviars from reputed sellers. If budget is of no concern, the best choice according to experts is the Iranian Osetra. This type of caviar has large and whole grains. The Fresh Malossol Osetra is ideal for those who have adventurous palates. On the other hand, the Malossol American Osetra which is made in the United States, is ideal for those who want their caviar eggs to be whole and firm with a nutty taste.

Examples of caviar substitutes

There are other types of caviar, taken from alternative sources like the Malossol American Paddlefish, the Malossol American Hackleback, the Wild Yukon River Alaskan Salmon Roe, the Flying Fish Roe and the Russian Golden Pike Roe. There are other types with different tastes and prices. However, the satisfaction of the guests who will eat the caviar still depends on their taste buds and how the caviar is served.